Friday, February 08, 2008

Old Train Depot, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Train Depots are slowly disappearing, and whenever I run into one, I make sure I put my camera to work. Later, the camera delegates to the brush for the next step.
Watercolor, 12x9", Fabriano Paper


  1. Your brushes were certainly up to the task! they did a great job in creatings the mood of the painting with the rendering of the sky and the overall values. It is a gem of a painting.

  2. I also like train depots. Too bad so many of the beautiful stations of the past are no longer. Nice painting. Also, the Asheville church is done well. I enjoy your stuff!

  3. Thank you Bill and Terry for your comments. I recommend a great book by Ranulph Bye (1916-2003), "The Vanishing Depot" where he paints many of the old train stations that dot the Northeast, especially New Jersey and Pennsylvania. And, best of all - forgive the bias - they are all painted in watercolor!

  4. The Southern Jewel8:41 AM

    The sky is great. The tree are outstanding it give the Train Depot a homely look.