Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Church, Asheville

This sketch resulted from a trip to Asheville, last year. It is a very picturesque town in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina.
Watercolor, 7x5", Fabriano Paper


  1. Great sky, and I love the little details on trees. I am always intrieged by the colours of buildings... for example on this church what did you use as colours on th side with light and the other shaded side?
    is it a more diluted colour on the side with light ?

    Anyway the curch is painted very nicely.

  2. Hi Doudy, thanks for your comment. I usually start with a diluted color and cover both sides. Then I mix a little black with the original color and paint over the darker side. This way, you have a darker value with the same hue/color. Having said that, I never use pure black anywhere. If I want a really dark tone, I will mix colors such as Ultramarine Blue with Burnt Umber.

  3. Another wonderful painting from the Villager!

    Interesting to read how artists select their colors. I love black, all kinds of black. I know all the teachers advise against its use but to me it makes all the other colors sing. I will often use india ink in my paintings, both watercolors and pastels.

  4. The Southern Jewel11:46 AM

    Love this painting especially the way the sun thrust its way through the clouds.