Friday, February 15, 2008

Memphis, South Third

Downtown Memphis has changed quite a bit -for the better-since I arrived here 16 years ago. A lot of old decrepit buildings have been transformed into modern apartments overlooking the Mississippi River sunset. The area exudes new life and my wife and I enjoy frequent visits there on weekends.
I recommend the extraordinary Peabody Place Museum where incredible treasures of Chinese Art are displayed . I was in awe at the intricate - and very large - oriental carvings in semi-precious stone and ivory. This is one of my favorite places to visit here and I don't think it gets the recognition it deserves.
This view is from the skywalk to the venerable Peabody Hotel, the Grand Hotel of the South. We went there to check out their Sunday Brunch. And, we were definitely not disappointed.
Watercolor, 7x5", Fabriano Paper

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  1. You have extended your vision (and your view) in this painting and that is good. It is a very nice painting that reveals your facility to deal with light and shadows. I have looked at all the paintings you have posted on your blog and this is the first of what I refer to as "interior skylines". There is no telling where this will lead you.