Saturday, January 19, 2008

Victoria, Canada

This is the Government Palace in Victoria, a coastal city in British Columbia, Western Canada. Its scenic harbor, fantastic architecture - victorian, of course - and mild climate atract many visitors. It is also a favorite area for wealthy canadians to retire.
I painted this small sketch in my travel sketchbook.
Watercolor, 5 x 7"


  1. Hi daddy, mommy has been emailing me her recent paintings so I just checked out your recent stuff as well and they look great! I love this one of the government palace it is absolutely stunning. the way you painted the sky is gorgeous. I also really like the one of the alamo...sheesh i feel like i missed out on the artistic genes in this family!

  2. Another little gem you produced. What color blue did you use in the sky? Is it a mix of cobalt and ultramarine blue. Great job!!!!!

  3. It's been a while, but I think I probably used a mixture of Ultramarine and Indigo to make it a little darker. Thank you for the comments.

  4. The sky is great, and the light forms on the building too WOW, I am a beginner in watercolors, and as soon as I saw your aquarelle I put your link on my Blog, this way I will easily take peaks at your work !!!!!

  5. I love the light of this painting (not a sketch to me!) and the contrast between the dark clouds and the bright facade and green. Wonderful.

  6. Oh Victoria BC is a lovely place to visit.


    Vee in Tacoma, WA

  7. The Southern Jewel9:07 AM

    I love the shaded parts. The colors are breath-taking and the stormy sky make the palace stand out. It's the perfect picture.