Thursday, January 24, 2008

Town Square in the Fall

The Collierville Town Square is a very well preserved space that retains the flavor of an old time small town. Every year in the Fall, I wait for the right time, then get up early one Saturday morning and spend some time taking pictures of the great Autumn foliage and the store fronts in the Square. The Burning Bushes in the foreground caught my eye and I finally painted this scene a few days ago. This painting was made from a photo I took there in 2005.
Watercolor, 12 x 9", on Fabriano Paper


  1. Makes me want to visit the Town Square. Thanks for the painting.

  2. Its simply lovely... I love the trees and the sky is genius :)

  3. Hi Doudy, I like the sky too but I made a little mistake: I left the yellow (raw siena) bands in the sky a little too evenly spaced. They should be more random. Ah well...maybe next time. Thanks.