Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to paint REALLY loose...

Ok...I found a way to paint really loose...heh, heh...I just paint a tiny (say, 5 x7") watercolor. Then... I crop a tiny portion of it, just like this. Duh!
Ok, at least I am trying. The full painting is here.


  1. olá julio, I like your painting, the crop and the full one, great that quick painted sky

  2. Thank you so much Fernando. This was an interesting experience.

  3. I like them both...but the full painting better.
    Keep pushing the envelope. (and the paint)

    Have you tried painting on hot press surface?

  4. Thanks, Bill. I mostly use cold press paper but I also use hot press just for variety. I feel I have a little less control with hot press but the effects can be unique. Here is one hot press that i like: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ldflSHaTGNY/SasT_tyC93I/AAAAAAAABBk/yZcMOgz8S0w/s1600-h/POVOA_R_P_FILIPE_AP.jpg

  5. A nice one!

    I like the style.

    Have a nice day!