Monday, May 11, 2009

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Elizabeth, NJ is my American hometown. Although I was born and raised in Portugal, when I came to the US, this is where I first arrived - after JFK International - in 1974 and where I lived for several years. So it feels like home. This landmark Cathedral is on 2nd St. in the Elizabethport area.

Watercolor, 5 x 7" Fabriano Paper


  1. The Southern Jewel3:51 PM

    Beautiful Cathedral! Love the trees surrounding the painting and the shadows against the building. This piece is an outstanding work of art.

  2. Bill and Jewel, Thanks for dropping by and for your comments.

  3. Os seus trabalhos são admiráveis.
    Os meus parabéns, é um aguarelista fabuloso!
    Prometo que vou acompanhar o seu blogue.

    Amazing watercolors! Congratulations, you are a fabulous watercolor painter.
    I do promise I ll follow your blog.

  4. Luis, thank you so much for the kind comments. Obrigado!

  5. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Wow - I went to 12 years of school there! It's a magnificent painting! If you were a parishioner there in the 70's we may know each other.

    Bill Normyle

  6. Bill, thanks so much for your comment. Personally, I am getting ready to move back to the Northeast and I am very excited that I am going to be closer to Elizabeth.