Saturday, August 09, 2008

Central Station, Memphis

Built in 1914, Central Station, now renovated, hosts the "City of New Orleans" train on its way from Chicago to the Big Easy - and back. It is located in South Main Street. Some of the old-time electric trolleys roaming though Downtown came from my native country of Portugal. Maybe I even rode on one of them in my old college days...they do feel like old friends.
Watercolor 5x7", Fabriano Paper


  1. Your paintings are delightful...they never disappoint me. I am envious of your loose approach.

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Olha o "Amarelo da Carris"... tão bonito, tão estridente, tão cheio de gente... e de histórias que... já cruzou o oceano e parou em Memphis... onde eu também apeei através desta "janelinha" de bom gosto.

    parabéns :-)


  3. Thank you Bill. These small works force me to be fast and skip detail. The bigger paintings tempt me more me to include more details. Not better or worse, just different.

  4. JVN, obrigado pela visita a este longinquo "apeadeiro" e pelos comentarios amigos.

  5. The Southern Jewel9:58 AM

    The colors you used in the sky looks great. I love to ride in a trolley. This painting reminds me of the old San Francisco Rice-A-Roni commercials. Congratulations on your new approach. Overall I give it an A+. You are a very talented artist.