Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dauphin Island, Alabama

After taking the Ferry from Fort Morgan, we landed on this relaxing small island off Mobile Bay in Alabama. I highly recommend a visit (from a family trip to Gulf Shores, 2004).

Watercolor, 9 x 12", Fabriano paper, rough.


  1. The Southern Jewel9:06 AM

    I love the sun shining through the clouds. The colors are beautiful. The fact that you made the boats pink really stick out and it makes the reflection in the water beautiful. The trees look good also.

  2. I love the pink on the boats. This is a great piece.

  3. Thank you Southern Jewel, thank you Bill...the boats were actually pink! I dont think I could have picked a better color for them in this composition.

  4. Anonymous4:56 AM

    a atmosfera criada por um céu muito denso e os reflexos na água, uma das matérias mais interessantes de se ver trabalhada em aguarela, dá a este seu trabalho um fascínio especial. parabéns! :-)


  5. JVN, muito obrigado pela visita e pelo seu comentario. Volte sempre.

  6. Nice painting. Love the boat colors and you did a nice job on the reflections in the water. The mysterious clouds make it look like the area is going to be soaked with drenching rains.