Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blues Hall, Memphis

I like night scenes, especially -of course- when depicted in watercolor. For me at least, they are a little bit more challenging to paint than daylight scenes. Once in a while I overcome my fear and go for it. I know...the trumpet player looks like he only has one arm, but that's the way he looked...he had his right hand in his pocket...don't blame me.
Watercolor, 20 x 16"


  1. It appears that you were up for the challenge of painting a night time scene (I don't believe I've ever done that.) I especially like the warm light and the way it baths the figures.

    Rust appears to be quite the family friend. Neat pen and ink rendering!

  2. The Southern Jewel11:48 AM

    The city of Memphis at night seems to be a party place. The Blues must be heard for miles. Great interpretation of the Blues.

  3. Nice job on this night scene. Your figures are fine because they certainly fit the scene--the trumpet player looks fine--even if you called everyones attention to him. Frame this gem and you should sell this at your next exhibit.

  4. Thank you Southern Jewel and Terry.
    This painting was donated and sold at a local charity auction.

  5. I love the colors you used in this, they are so vibrant and fun and reflect the downtown Memphis atmosphere. I am so excited to come back this May and here those good ol' Memphis Blues!

  6. Great painting, the colors are great too...