Friday, December 14, 2007

Rum Boogie Cafe

The name says it all. This is a classic spot for great food and great music in the heart of Beale Street, Memphis. One among many.
The original ink sketch is shown, along with the final version which includes a light watercolor wash.


Ink and Watercolor Wash, 5"x5"


  1. I hope you had as much fun doing this as I have looking at it.

  2. I check your blog daily, so I don't feel too guilty about doing this.

    Consider yourself tagged for Christmas.

    Last week, or was it the week before, I was TAGGED. My wife has since given up on me, convinced I will not follow up as directed. But, I am a thoughtful, deliberate man and need to think things out very carefully before I respond to the challenge of revealing 5 things about myself, and then tagging five other bloggers.

    Merry Christmas and keep the delightful sketches coming.

  3. These line drawings are very nice. I really like all of your posts and your site is nice and simple to view. I also love ink and watercolor. There is something about the two together that makes for a unique appearance in a piece of art. Glad I discovered your site and you are bookmarked. I will be seeing you in 2008.