Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blues City General Store

Memphis is the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock-and-Roll. Let's see...Jerry Lee Lewis, Johny Cash, Roy Orbison, B.B. King, Carl Perkins, Rufus Thomas among others...and of course...Elvis Presley. They all recorded their work at Sun Studio (originally, Memphis Recording Service) on Union Avenue.
This watercolor shows yet another hint-to be found on Beale Street. It was painted for the WKNO Art and Antiques Auction to take place in early November.

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  1. Villager,
    This its Blogue despertou my curiosity!
    I am a loving one of the music, inasmuch as I was perforated for this bichinho in years 60 of Century XX, in Beijós, the “Recreativa Orchestra the CENTRAL OFFICES OF BEIJÓS”, of that also I was part, as vocalista and saxofonista, perhaps that it has heard to speak.
    Good congratulations and Postagens